REDZ INC® funding model includes workshops facilitations, Direct Awards, Sub-recipient awards, and in-kind support from corporations, community based organizations and you.  By building a funding model which incorporates more than one element, we maximize our reach through the flexibility to support multiple programs at a time. 


During our slower months while school is out, we rely heavily on the sale of our Art In Box and video guides.  This individualized paint kit includes: pre-stenciled canvas, 3 Premium brushes, disposable gloves, aprons, paper mixing plate, ply sheet, and paint palette.


Your donation to our 501(c)(3) charitable organization will help maintain and expand this service so others can get life-development help for self improvement. Our interactive events, programs, and tools provide expert guidance, helping youth find the right path to success. Your gift will touch the lives of many. Thank you in advance for all your referrals, kind words of encouragement, and monetary gifts!  

Forever Grateful,

Claudine Cox, Founder


Workshop: "Dream, Think, Plan, Execute"
This workshop series culminated with students creating vision board.

Parent Tip: "Modeling Good Behaviors During the Early Stages of Language Development.

Behind The Scenes: Founder Claudine Cox pitched a 6 Session REDZ INC Art & Literacy program at Elmont Memorial Public Library.

Virtual Paint and Motivate: Participants are guided through an inspirational message while receiving guided instructions on how to complete artwork.