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Our Vision

Our vision is to eradicate illiteracy and improve education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build youth, empower parents, and strengthen communities through Art and Character Development services.


Our philosophy is simple.......
let's add as much fun to learning as possible to create the best educational experience.


About Us

REDZ INC is a non-profit organization that is geared toward promoting academic success through Art and Character Development programs. In 2014, Co-Founders Claudine Cox and Christopher T. Cox III, came across a report from the New York City comptroller, Scott M. Stringer that discovered many public schools offered no arts programs, and that low-income and minority students are hurt the most by it.


Collectively we decided to address these disparities in disadvantaged neighborhood schools both in the NYC Department of Education and Nassau Boces of which REDZ INC is an approved vendor and accepted Arts in Education service provider.


This vision of building the youth from the inside out will strengthen their sense of identity, belief in the future, and improve self-efficacy of their social, emotional, and behavioral competence. As a former Parent Coordinator in a local elementary and middle school, Claudine Cox recognized the importance of supporting parents with strategies to help their child at home, and empowering educators through fun, engaging professional development art and movement activities.


Since then, REDZ INC has successfully executed various Youth Development, Parent Engagement, and Professional Development programs in Grades Kindergarten to High School. Our clients include NYC Department of Education, Nassau Boces Arts in Education, NYC Department of Probation NeOn Arts Program, Empire State After School Program, My Brothers Keeper Grant Initiative, and Liberty Partnership just to name a few.

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