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Our Vision

Our vision is to eradicate illiteracy and improve education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build youth, empower parents, and strengthen communities through Art and Character Development services.


Our philosophy is simple.......
let's add as much fun to learning as possible to create the best educational experience.


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About Us

REDZ Arts and Services, formerly REDZ INC is an organization that is geared toward eradicating illiteracy and improving education. It was founded by Claudine Cox in 2014 to address the disparities of disadvantaged neighborhood schools that lacked art programs.  We believe that this vision of literacy and academic success can be achieved by building youth, empowering parents, and strengthening the community through Art and Character Development programs.   


Since then, we have partnered and collaborated with various government programs, grant initiatives, educational institutions, and professional organizations to introduce a wholistic approach to supporting our youth in Grades Kindergarten to High School.


REDZ Arts and Services has over eight years of experience in successfully executing youth development programs that combines student support services, parent engagement workshops, and professional development activities in a safe, respectful, and positive environment.


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