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Claudine Cox

Hello Friends,

Welcome! My name is Claudine Cox.  Since 2014, our organization focused its efforts on improving academic success through the Arts.  In 2020 when the world experienced the global pandemic collectively, we started providing daily motivation and free art sessions online.  The outpour of positive responses and gratitude was overwhelming.  Students were able to submit their projects for art credits in school, many others found peace and a place of belonging.


This experience allowed us to recognize that we needed to deepen our connection to the vision by supporting our program participants socially and emotionally from the inside out.  We decided to tailor our business by partnering creativity with wellness and personal development.  We have expanded our services to support Corporate Wellness and Professional Development Days for top-level managers, educators, and support staff.  These services can be customized to include Paint and Motivate, Yoga, Zumba Dance Cardio, Fitness and Massage Therapy.

Our philosophy is simple: let's add as much fun to learning to create the best educational experience.  Schedule a free consultation today and let's discuss how we can support your vision and community. See you soon!

~Ms. Claudine